Science Writing 101

Photo © Leonie Joubert 

Leonie works with scientists to use the basics of journalism and storytelling to communicate their research more effectively. She does this through workshops and one-on-one coaching. 

New Voices in Science, a Stellenbosch University publication which gives post graduate students a chance to write about their work for a popular audience. For three years now, Leonie has been involved in coaching scientists to write in a popular format. 


CSAG Winter School

TEDx 2013 2.png

TEDxCapeTown: Amazing People, Crazy Places

On how we need to find the optimal diet for ourselves and the environment, at the Baxter Theatre, August 2013.


On how sustainable the Western diet really is, at the Fugard Theatre in November 2013. Alongside UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price, sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes, footballer Lucas Radebe, Business Day editor-in-chief Peter Bruce and others.


Sports Science Institute of South Africa

The city makes us fat and sick, alongside sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes.

Sustain our Africa 2012

Alongside other ‘change agents’.

Talking Heads

Hosted by the Africa Centre: ‘A multi-layered, knowledge sharing platform conceived to identify, showcase, network and expose Africa’s thought leaders. It profiles the ideas, visions and manifestations of the extraordinary people living on this continent.’

Ruth First Memorial Lecture 2007

Boiling Point - climate change in South Africa, Johannesburg, August 2007.