At the Bottom of the Food Chain: Small Operators versus Multinational Corporations in the Food Systems of South Africa, México, Brazil, India and China. 

Contributing writer, working with the University of the Western Cape's Centre of Excellence for Food Security, in 2015.


Oranjezicht City Farm: Food, Community, Connection

Written in collaboration with Oranjezicht City Farm founding volunteers, Jacana, 2016. 

The story of this urban food farming project in the Cape Town City Bowl. 



The Farmer

Photo © Sydelle Willow Smith 

City Desired exhibition with the African Centre for Cities, November 2014. 

'Kieyaam Ryklief is an urban farmer. In a food market dominated by conglomerates, Kieyaam has carved out a tiny niche. His farm in the Philippi Horticultural Area supplies a network of informal traders with locally grown African veggies. His fragile harvest is an overlooked source of food for the urban poor.'


The FOOD Dialogues Report

In May 2014, the Oranjezicht City Farm and Cape Town Partnership hosted the Food Dialogues, a ten-part series of discussions on food, hunger and urban farming. Leonie was commissioned to put some of the nuggets into this report. 

Download the full report here, or read individual chapters: 

Mopping up the junk food mess

Cityscapes, Issue #2, 2012.

'The lure of vinegar steaming off piping hot chips is almost irresistible in the late-morning air. At least one person has succumbed to the seduction of the local fish ‘n’ chip shop on Rondebosch main road, Cape Town. He’s slouched at a table set out on the pavement, skewering another spear of deep fried potato with a plastic fork.'

Lost in translation: carbs, fats and our sick nation

City Press, 15 December 2013

'One message being lost in the public spat between sports scientist Prof Tim Noakes and his detractors over the validity of the so-called low-carb/high-fat “Noakes diet”: our broken food system is making us fat and sick. Science writer Leonie Joubert wades in as Noakes’ The Real Meal Revolution hits the shelves.'



How the hell did Noakes paper get through peer review? City Press December 2013 

Diets: Low carb and high fats, could this work for you? Financial Mail, 30 June 2014 

Food security: The optimal diet for people and the planet

South African Medical Journal, November 2013, Vol. 103, No. 11 

'One morning, in the winter of 2010, I walked into the
home of a family living outside Mbabane, Swaziland.
There were three young children sitting at the table,
aged about six or seven. The table was covered with a
plastic tablecloth with really loud fruit printed on it,
but there wasn’t any fruit in the kitchen. In fact, there wasn’t any food
in the kitchen at all.'

The Hungry Season

An animated video done with the UCT Centre of Criminology, and Sea Monster, published in May 2012.