Burning the Karoo

Photo: © Michael Groenewald 

An epic trip in search of fiery effigies, protest art, and the spirit of AfrikaBurn. Writing under a nom de plume, Leonie takes her first voyage into the idea of the 'gift economy', through this annual art-cum-music-cum-self-expression extravaganza in the Tankwa Karoo. She's convinced that a return to a variation of the gift economy is what'll bring soul back to a society that's been stripped bare by the extractive nature of capitalism, which puts price tags and profit ahead of relationships and wellbeing. 

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Memories of a Human Heart

Photo courtesy Heart of Cape Town Museum © 

People remember the name of the pioneering heart surgeon, Chris Barnard, and the first man to receive another person's heart, Louis Washkansky. Few recognise the name of the woman who gave her heart so this extraordinary medical accomplishment could happen. This story honours the person, Denise Darvall, whose life is remembered in the Chris Barnard Museum at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. Image courtesy of the Heart of Cape Town Museum.